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Pregnancy Week 12: The 9 Micro Tips That You Need To Know

By Published On: May 15th, 2013

This week will mark a turning point for you and for Baby as their growth really begins to speed up and you should begin to start feeling more like a human being again!

Your Baby in Week 12 of Pregnancy

At the twelve week mark the huge task of developing intricate bodily structures is almost over and almost all of Baby’s systems are fully formed. They are now going to begin a bit of a maintenance phase that will allow these new systems to develop and become fully functional while Baby continues to increase in terms of length and bulk.

Baby’s digestive system will begin to function this week, practicing contraction movements that they will need to push food their digestive system when they get out into the big wide world in about twenty eight weeks time.

Other systems are beginning to work this week as well. The pituitary gland at the base of the brain is starting to secrete hormones and white blood cells are growing in Baby’s bone marrow that will help them be ready to fight infection from the first day they are born. And the heart is beating so strongly now that it is easily heard with a simple stethoscope placed in the right spot.

Possibly the most dramatic developments that Baby will make this week will involve their reflexes. Baby can open and close their fingers, and they are beginning to make sucking motions with their mouth.

You Body in Week 12 of Pregnancy

If it has not already that nauseous feeling should be subsiding this week as should the constant need to find a bathroom every ten minutes. As the placenta begins producing more hormones a lot of the pressure to do so is taken of your body, redressing your hormonal balance a little – but not completely.

Possible New Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 12 of Pregnancy

The one thing that many women begin experiencing more often now is that lightheaded feeling that is the result of the need for extra blood production. This can also cause more headaches that nag away for far longer than you would like. To help deal with both systems keep up with your multiple small meals schedule which will help keep your blood sugar regulated.

Pregnancy Tips for Your Twelfth Week

Stock a Pregnancy Medicine Cabinet

There are lots of prescription and over the counter medications and preparations that are not suitable for pregnant ladies. That does not have to mean that you have to suffer unnecessarily. All of the following are a good idea to have on hand in your medicine cabinet for the duration of your pregnancy:

A Rich Body Moisturizer

As your skin begins to stretch as Baby grows it will become itchy. A nice rich mostirizer will help a lot and keeping your skin well hydrated can help keep some stretch marks at bay as well.

A new soft toothbrush

Elevated progesterone levels will make your gums more sensitive and the harder bristled brush that you might be used to can become painful to use and can cut gums. Flossing is important too as your more sensitive gums makes pregnancy gingivitis.

Panty Liners

Panty liners can be a girls best friend through every stage of her pregnancy. They can handle all kinds of pregnancy related leakage, from the increased vaginal discharge to the inevitable slight urine leakage when you cough, sneeze or laugh.

Pain reliever and fever reducer

The only pain reliever that is considered to be OK for a pregnant woman to take on a regular, as needed basis is acetaminophen. Make sure that you do need exceed the recommend dosage however, no matter how bad that headache is.

Saline Nose Drops

Over the counter cold remedies are for the most part not suitable for expectant mothers. If you have a stuffy nose from colds or allergies saline drops can be great way to relieve a lot of the discomfort without ingesting risky chemical compounds.

Heated Aids

Heat may not be a cure for pregnancy related aches and pains but it can help a lot, especially for abdominal and lower back pain. Hot water bottles are the easiest and cheapest option but heating pads and the kind of heat packs that go into the microwave are also safe options.

Witch Hazel

Some women find that pregnancy really does give them that ‘pregnancy glow’ that you so often read about. Just as many find however that they begin to experience oily skin and breakouts the likes of which they have not seen since puberty. Witch Hazel is a great all natural toner that can help a great deal. Buy a large bottle though as if you add Witch Hazel to a thick cotton wool pad or gauze it can really help relieve the discomfort of the hemorrhoids that you may suffer from at various stages in your pregnancy.

Worries About Sex

Once they stop feeling so nauseous and tired all the time many women find that their sex drive returns. Their husbands are unlikely to mind this but often a couple will worry that having intercourse will harm the baby. There is no need to worry there though. The amniotic fluid that your Baby is surrounded by is designed by Mother Nature to protect them from all kinds of trauma so sexual intercourse will not harm – or even disturb -them.

Not every expectant Mum does feel like a return to an active love life though. Many are just not very happy with their changing body although to most guys their spouses look great – especially with those bigger boobs and widening hips! Others are a little inhibited by their new dual role as mother to be and loving partner and may not be ready to put the two together just yet.

Whether you have an active love-life during pregnancy or not, it is very important that partners remain communicative. If you do not feel like getting too intimate explain to your partner it is not about him, just the way you happen to feel today, to avoid hurt feelings and resentment. And a return to your dating days, when a kiss and a cuddle was more than enough can help you bond and feel more connected in what is always going to be a confusing time with a lot of changing emotions and upheavals for both of you.