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Pregnancy Week 15: Brain Storming Names

By Published On: May 15th, 2013

Baby has been growing rapidly for weeks now and now its your turn to join them. They are also very active and are beginning to better resemble the Baby you dream about at night!

By now, on average, babies are about the size of an orange, even though they still only weight about two ounces. In length they may be as tall as four inches, not bad for someone who has only been around for fifteen weeks!

Your Baby in Week 15 of Pregnancy

This week Baby is starting to look more and more like a ‘real baby’ and this process of fine tuning will continue from this point on. Their little ears will move to their final position this week, they had been hiding in the neck up until now! Their eyes are on the move too, and should be in the right place by this end of this week or next.

Baby is also still constantly on the go. They are beginning to be able to make a fist and to wiggle their toes and you would be surprised by just how much time they spend doing this. It will still be a while before you can feel the effects of these aerobics classes in terms of noticeable movement though.

Your Body in Week 15 of Pregnancy

From this week onwards even if you have gained very little weight so far that is about to change. Aiming for about a 1/2 kilo a week is what doctors usually recommend.

If you want to keep track of your weight at home every day, instead of waiting to be weighed in at the doctor’s office you can, but do not become too obsessive about it. It is perfectly OK to gain more one week than you might the next and as long as your doctor is happy with your weight that is the most important thing (and if they are not they will not hesitate to tell you.)

Possible New Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 15 of Pregnancy

You may not notice too many changes in yourself this week, although the nagging lower abdominal aches may become more of a nuisance as you gain weight. The bloated feeling is probably still around too, which can feel very uncomfortable.

Pregnancy Tips for Your Fifteenth Week – Make Sure You Have the Right Workout Gear 

By now you have probably been shopping for maternity clothes, but has that buying spree extended to your workout clothes? Larger versions of what you would usually wear are not necessarily the best idea as your body is changing and you need different things from active wear than you used to.

Cool comfort is the most important thing that your pregnancy workout gear should offer. The best choice is a nice breathable cotton, right down to your underwear. Tight elastic waistbands are a bad idea as well, so look for sweats or yoga pants that have a more forgiving drawstring waist instead.

A good bra is even more important when you are exercising, even if you are only walking. A sports bra is a good choice but do not buy one that is to restrictive. Overheating is not good for expectant Mums, so keep your tops as cool as possible and if your workouts take you outdoors dress in easy to take off layers tro avoid getting too hot or cold.

The one thing that many active Mums to Be forget to replace are the sneakers or other footwear they wear to exercise and workout. Having a pair that fit properly and are not in a state of minor disrepair will help reduce the risk of trips and falls. You should also make sure that you are actually wearing footwear that is suitable for the activity you are doing.

Baby Name Brainstorming

By now probably everyone important in your life knows all about your impending arrival. And the chances are that most of them will have already asked you if you have begun thinking about baby names.

Brainstorming for baby names can be one of the more amusing things a couple can do together during pregnancy, but it can also get rather contentious if you both have some strong, but different, ideas.

The one thing that you both do need to keep in mind is that you will be branding someone else, not yourselves, for life when you choose Baby’s name. They will actually have to live with your choice and there are a couple of things to consider.

The first is to look at both the long and short versions of the names you are considering. For example, Nicholas was one of the most popular names for boy babies in Singapore in 2012, but you know that many people are going to shorten that to Nick, whether you and your child like it or not, so you should be sure you are OK with that.

There is also nothing wrong with unique and creative names, but within reason. Apple Martin may never get teased at school because her Mum is a famous actress and her Dad is a big time rock musician, but a ‘regular kid’ would probably not be so lucky.

If you do want to go for a more unusual name you also need to make sure it goes with baby’s surname. For example, in the 1970s pop star David Bowie and his then wife Angie thought it would be a great idea to call their son Zowie. Zowie Bowie. And despite his Dad’s fame Zowie was terribly teased and says he could not wait until he was old enough to change his name. It’s Duncan Jones now, as the former Zowie wanted to get ‘as normal’ as he could. Again, remember, you won’t have to live with the name you choose, your child will.

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