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Week 35 – Start Making Those Last Minute Preparations, Baby is!

By Published On: November 13th, 2013

Baby’s brain is getting bigger and bigger and that means that you are to feel like you need to live in the bathroom again.

Your Baby in Week 35 of Pregnancy

Although by this point Baby is probably as ‘tall’ as they are going to get before their big debut they are continuing to pack on the weight, and will do so right up until the day they are born. At this late stage of pregnancy though talking about averages is rather pointless as weight and height will now vary dramatically from baby to baby, but as long as your OB GYN is happy with your progress it is all good.

Something else that is getting much bigger is Baby’s brain, and over the next week or so it will begin ‘firing on all cylinders’ in order to get ready to snap into action to take in their new world.

Your Body in Week 35 of Pregnancy

The fact that Baby’s brain is growing, combined with them moving (hopefully) into their head down exit position means that your poor bladder will be under more pressure than ever. Not only does this mean a return to the days of running to the bathroom far more often than you would like it also means that ‘little accidents’, possibly every time you sneeze, cough or laugh. This can all be embarrassing and inconvenient of course but whatever you do, do not cut back on liquids in an attempt to avoid bathroom trips. It is not fun, but you only have a more weeks to have to deal with many of these complications and inconveniences.

Tips for the Thirty Fifth Week of Pregnancy РGet Packing 

Although ideally Baby has at least a month left on their stay in the womb hotel in order to be properly prepared to face the outside world from this week on your hospital bag should be ready and packed. The following are suggestions for what it really should contain:

Absolute Must-Haves:

Insurance card and/or information (even if you have already given it to the hospital anyway) and a few extra copies of your birth plan if you have chosen to use one.

At least two pairs of cosy, non skid socks, the kind that have grips on the bottom. These are prefect for walking the halls in the early stages of labour and after delivery.

A nightgown and robe that you do not really mind sacrificing to the cause. You could still wear the lovely hospital gowns after the delivery but having a nightgown of your own will make you feel more human.

Two nursing bras. Even if you do not plan to nurse you will really appreciate the leak protection and extra support.

Toiletries in travel sizes – shampoo and conditioner, a nice soap or body wash, facial cleanser and a few make up items so you can put on a nice leaving face (that might sound silly to your hubby but these little things will make you feel better.)

Sugar free boiled sweets to help you keep your mouth moist in the early stages of labour. Avoid the regular sugar filled kind though as they do have a tendency to make you feel thirsty.

Lots of change for the vending machines and a prepaid phone card if your hospital restricts the use of cell phones (which many do) and you cell phone and charger of course.

A change of clothes and some basic toiletries for your partner.

Optional (but advisable) Extras

An extra pillow, with a pillow case that is distinguishable as yours but that you do not mind ruining.

A comfy going home outfit, probably one of your seven month outfits will be the best choice, along with a pair of easy to put on flat shoes.

A breast pump if you plan to use one, so that you can get some expert hands on practice while you still have a trained nursing staff around to help you.

Light reading (magazines not War and Peace)

For Baby

A hospital approved car seat that you have already learned to install properly. This is something that you should both try out now. Before Baby can be discharged hospitals now want to be able to see for themselves that parents can install the baby’s car seat properly, even if you will not be driving yourselves home. No one is exempt either, even Prince William recently had to do it and you guys will at least not have a hundred cameramen critiquing your technique!

A very simple going home outfit. Even if it is warm, Baby will need a blanket or swaddling cloth and a hat, as they are only just beginning to get the hang of the whole body temperature regulation thing in the first few days after birth.

Because you have no idea when labour will begin, or how long it might take, you and your partner should also have a hook up plan in mind, especially if he may not have immediate access to a cellphone at all times.