About The Community

MyPregnancy.Sg is founded by Vanessa Chong and Nicholas Foo who had been together since 1997. This community was started with  passion and wanting to help fellow couples achieve a successful pregnancy. The joy of holding a new life in your cradle is too much to pass off for the loving couple.
Through the years of being marriage, they have been declined the bliss and joy of parenthood with 3 miscarriages. With each failed attempt, they strive on more and stronger, equipping themselves with better information about fertility, nutrition, exercise and the emotional  well being of the couples.

About The Founders

Vanessa Chong is an Assistant account manager for a Japanese shipping company. She is deemed to be one of the most loyal employees and have been with them since 2003. She is also a huge fan of Yoga and enjoys going for classes 3 times a week. Eating healthy is definitely also her thing and spends a ridiculous amount of time removing fat from all her meat, which is something that irks her husband tremendously; Chicken wings are meant to be consumed WITH the skin… @roll eyes@

Nicholas Foo runs his own company offering social media services to companies which seek to establish their online presence with the aid of Facebook and other social media. Under the influence of Vanessa, he has also picked up yoga and is looking to improve his health and male fertility thingie thru exercise and proper diet. Though being a hardcore foodie, his attempts are somewhat thwarted by the abundance of sumptuous Singapore food. Alas! C’est la vie…

He also manages a large iPhone community with over 230,000 fans who are crazed about Apple technology. Check out www.facebook.com/theappleclan