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Prenatal cardio Series Introduction: Being Pregnant And Being Beautifully Fit

By Published On: March 9th, 2012

Getting ready for baby is an exciting time! Even while you are preparing for pregnancy itself, you start planning for baby’s arrival, thinking about how to decorate the nursery, what clothes you want to dress baby in, what kind of diapers are the best, what stroller you want to buy. The list goes on and on. While this is most definitely important to be getting ready ahead of time, it is also important that you don’t forget yourself in the process. Your body is about to go through some big transformations in carrying a baby for nine months, not to mention the delivery. You need to get yourself healthy and in shape before and during the pregnancy in order to make sure that both your baby and you have a smooth, healthy pregnancy. One of the best ways to do this is through implementing prenatal cardio into your weekly routines.

Prenatal cardio workouts help strengthen your body. They build up muscles, burn excess weight, and promote heart health. By targeting muscle development through prenatal cardio, you are also strengthening and stabilizing your joints. This helps prevent injuries which could more easily occur when you are carrying baby weight. It also reduces joint and lower back pain. Cardio encourages blood flow throughout your body, which can help keep swelling down in your extremities.

The majority of women who get into a consistent cardio schedule before their pregnancies are able to continue cardio workouts into their first, second, and even third trimesters! Therefore, setting up a quality cardio background before heading into pregnancy is vital. Not only does it help you enter into your pregnancy healthier, but it also helps you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Before continuing any type of cardio workout plan into your pregnancy, you must talk to your obstetrician, gynecologist  or midwife. The prenatal cardio workouts written here are geared towards helping women get healthy before pregnancy, with instructions on how to continue them into your pregnancy. However, they are absolutely no substitute for the advice your doctor or midwife gives you. He or she is a trained professional who best knows your health and abilities. Be sure you have his or her go ahead before you keep up on a cardio workout. And always listen to your body. If anything negatively changes or you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or excessive tiredness, quit exercising and talk to your healthcare provider.

In the following weeks to come, we would be releasing one workout by week designed to help the pregnant mummy or mummy-to-be to get healthy the safe way.
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