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Lesson 2 – Breath Awareness

By Published On: March 3rd, 2014
Prenatal Yoga Exercise

We often take our breath for granted and most often forgot that we are breathing! This session focuses on bringing awareness to their normal breath, which will be helpful throughout the entire pregnancy, coping with day to day demands, and emotional roller coaster due to the changing hormones in the body. Explaining the idea that by being more aware of breath, it helps mother to cultivate non-reactivity, being mindful and fully in the NOW moment. Introducing the idea of how inhalation can bring them energy during labour and each exhalation allow themselves to release into the contraction. When they stay closely connected to their breath, fear will gradually subside.

These 10 part Prenatal Yoga Series were recorded at Space and Light Studios www.spaceandlightstudios.com
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