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How Can Chiropractic Help With Pregnancy

By Published On: November 12th, 2012

Dear mothers, I had the opportunity to meet an ex Mediacorp actress who is now an Chiropractic advocate and creative consultant for WfLC.

Below details her thoughts and life journey.
Do read on to see how chiropractic benefits you as a women, and as a mother.

Read on mothers!….

My Testimonial & Advocacy of Chiropractic ~ Carole Lin

” So skinny! ” was what I always heard growing up. I was stick thin and fell sick easily, with tonsilitis, headaches and digestion issues.
It was tough because I have always been an active girl who loves sports and the outdoors; and I love food!

I gradually understood that life is not life without health.
Eventually, I made a stand that health will be of paramount order in my life.

Then I injured my knees and back during work and had surgery on one knee.
I was inactive for 1 year and felt miserable. I began having pain in my knees, joints and back/hip very often after the incident.
I made effort to eat healthier, follow regular physiotherapy/massages sessions and stay fit to improve my health but I knew I was not functioning at 100%.

It was until I came into contact with chiropractic (at Wellness for Life Chiropractic) that things began changing in ways I desire. It is the natural approach and deep-rooted health philosophies of chiropractic that caught my interest.

The adjustments and care not only relieved my conditions and tension, it has amazingly boosted my immunity! Family members, friends or people close by can be inflicted by the flu and some very often; but I’d still be fine. For someone who falls sick very easily, this is an awesome feat! I believe it is not only flu my body is capable of fighting but also many other diseases in the long run.
My headaches are relieved most times without medication, my digestion is so good that I can enjoy endless wholesome (at times sinful) foods without tummy upsets, I look and function better with better posture and I recently realised that my vision has become sharper in the night!

The benefits for me from chiropractic transcend the healing of aches and conditions. The relief from suffering, reduced toxins from medication, better nutrients absorption and following its indoctrination on balanced lifestyle, stretches and exercises, resulted to my becoming physically and mentally balanced.
I get to do more and stay active.

I have shared this with friends and they are currently benefiting from the care.
I am sure more benefits from my chiropractic care will come.
This is wellness for me. This is health. This is life.
The natural way.

I am under chiropractic care for 2 years now and still loving it. It was such an amazing eye-opener for me that I decided to work with Wellness for Life Chiropractic (WfLC) so I can help to share about the benefits of chiropractic with more people. ~People who are looking for the natural approach to their health issues and people who can benefit from chiropractic.
So here I am! The advocate for chiropractic and creative consultant for WfLC.

From what I’ve learnt and experienced through chiropractic, here are some fundamentals I hope to share with you:

How can Chiropractic help with pregnancy.
Chiropractors are specialists in the spine and the nervous system.

The Nervous System- (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and coordinates every function in the body.
Nerve supply is the literal LIFE and POWER for the body.

The spinal cord sits within the spine and the spine protects the spinal cord. A misaligned spine puts pressure on the nerves (along the spinal cord), interfering nerve flow and causing a lowered state of health and even PAIN.
A weakened nervous system and nerve-flow will mean weakened bodily functions in all aspects.

Chiropractors use specific techniques with their hands to adjust and correct misaligned spine. There are many factors (including poor posture and traumas) that will cause the misalignment of the spine. Chiropractic adjustments restore the optimal alignment in the spinal structure.

Chiropractic has the ability to relieve pain (spine and nerve-related) and restore the communication between the brain, nerves and all parts of the body; with an optimally aligned spine, it allows optimal chances for the body to heal/function more efficiently and be healthier on the whole!

With that in mind, the safe and natural chiropractic adjustments and approach can also help with the challenges of pregnancies and allow the pregnancy/birthing process to be safer and more enjoyable.

Here are some reliable sources of information on chiropractic and pregnancy:

I sincerely hope my sharing is helpful and even benefit you in amazing ways. Here’s wishing all a BLISSFUL pregnancy!