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Slimming & Re-shaping By Annabelle Skin. Part 3 of 3

By Published On: October 18th, 2013

Major Pregnancy Concerns: Slimming & Re-shaping

Many mothers aspire to look as beautiful as they were (if not more!) before their pregnancy.  This is not easy because women experience significant changes to their bodies during pregnancy that require careful management to preserve the delicate hormonal balance.  The accompanying problems can differ from one person to the next, and it is thus essential to tailor prenatal and postnatal care based on the individual’s hormonal history, age, and physique.  In this 3 part article series, we will focus on a few simple, effective methods to address three major pregnancy concerns: bust care for breastfeeding, stretch marks and slimming.

Slimming & Re-shaping

Slimming after pregnancy is such a preoccupation for many women that we often read in the papers about celebrities who lost their excess weight with surprising speed. While not everyone would fork out to hire a personal fitness trainer, the goal of losing weight requires more psychological “resources” than just physical resources. The psychological pre-requisites of slimming success are strong will and determination; without which, one will not be able to stick to a diet, slimming or exercise plan.  A few weight-friendly lifestyle habits shared by many celebrities are standing after meals (instead of sitting or lying down), avoid having large meals after 8pm and hitting the treadmill for an hour daily.

However, many women would agree with me that losing the first 5 Kg is important for those who have put on more than 10 Kg during pregnancy, and it is equally important to re-gain the curvy shape.  To rely just on exercise may takes months to years to make that happen.  Why not consider taking a faster alternative?  Try out Annabelle’s Custom-made Slimming Programme.  Annabelle diagnoses their client’s body condition and devises the progress plan to achieve the result you desired.  Annabelle employs both traditional method (slimming massage method and wrapping) and advanced technology (Radio Frequency fat reduction equipment, French body shaping equipment, Italian slimming equipment) to reduce cellulite and restore physique. The slimming programs are designed to tailor for each individual’s needs and conditions.

For nearly two decades, Annabelle has been providing dedicated skin and body care for its clients moving through different life stages. As a testament to her exemplary service, she gains new clientèle mostly through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations by loyal clients. It is unique in offering specialized pregnancy care for women using in-house, personalized solutions. Give our beauty professionals at Annabelle a ring to learn more about Annabelle’s palette of beauty offerings to meet and surpass your needs!

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Annabelle Skin And Their Team Of Highly Trained Professionals

The professionals at Annabelle Studio understand just how expectant and new Mums feel and have spent the last 20 years helping them to look and feel better, boosting that all important self esteem and indulging them in the pampering that every Mum to Be and new Mums deserve.

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