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Breeze through no-mess diaper changes

By Published On: May 16th, 2013
Options for organizing your diaper changing kit

Keeping your baby area organized can be a challenge when the pregnancy-brain syndrome strikes.  Especially when you live in a space-starved apartment and having a diaper changing table isn’t an option.  Even if you do have one, there is the question of how you can breeze through diaper-changes in the shortest time possible.  Organize your diaper-changing operations by following our 5 simple tips and even zombie-hour diaper duties will be a cinch.

Create a basket that holds all your diaper-changing essentials
Instead of fussing with pull-out drawers at your changing table, have a basket with all the essentials on hand.  Place this basket at a fixed location in the house (or in several locations, if you live in a mansion), so when junior is primed for a clean-up, it’s a grab-and-go.  Make sure that the basket you’ve chosen is washable, for obvious reasons.

Alternatively, for those who want to have a bit more fun, you can use a letter organizer to hold your essentials.

Options for organizing your diaper changing kit

If a poopy diaper sends you scrambling to change junior, this is the solution for you. Just collate the necessary items together and organize them in a basket or a letter organizer.

The basket should hold:

  1. A waterproof changing pad
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Tissue paper – in the early months, junior’s poop has a watery consistency.  Tissue paper is handier for cleaning up the s*** than wet wipes.  Great too for those occasions when either puke or poop gets on you.
  4. Baby lotion or any other potions as you may see fit.
  5. At least two clean fresh diapers of the right size – in case baby poops just before you seal up the new diaper.
  6. A change of clothes – in case junior just had a poop-fest.
  7. Hand sanitizer – for those times you get dirty but you can’t leave the baby alone to run to the bathroom.
  8. A washable/rinse-able toy suitable for his/her age – to distract the baby while you are changing him/her.
  9. A few small plastic bags – folded up into neat packages, of course
  10. A hair clip/hair tie – to keep your hair away from the little hands when you lean in to change junior’s diapers.

With this, you’ll never have to reach like a gymnast again for something in the cupboard or drawer while attempting to hold down a smelly, wriggling little one.

Have a temporary holding place for the mess
If the diaper is horribly soiled, you can’t just leave it lying around while changing the baby.  To hold the mess temporarily, seal up those poop bombs in a small plastic bag.  You can then dump the load into the trash (wherever the bin is) afterwards.

Same goes for heavily-soiled clothing.  Just remember that it belongs in the wash, not in the trash, minus the plastic bag.

Space saving tip:  if you have a diaper changing table, consider attaching some detachable hooks on the side of the station for hanging an empty plastic bag.

Update your diaper-changing procedure
First step of any diaper changes (other than grabbing your handy basket) – place an open diaper underneath the baby before changing him/her, without peeling the adhesive.  Then you’re prepared to catch anything in case little miss/master decides to empty their bowels in between diaper changes.

Take a leaf from the Boy Scout’s book – be prepared
Time-saver tip for the sleep-deprived parent: at the end of each diaper change, spend 30 seconds to replace any item that you’ve used up in the basket.  Some fresh diapers, a change of clothes, or simply replace a soon-to-be-empty box of baby wipes.  You’ll be amazed at how much less harried you’ll be the next time poop-o-clock comes around.

Now, with an organized changing area, you are ready to breeze through the diaper-assembly line quickly without leaving a mess behind, and snuggle back to bed in a jiffy.

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Hear from one of our clients
“San arranged my baby changing area such that the more frequently accessed items are located within easy reach.  However, I modified the arrangement to adapt to my workflow and I’m pleased to say that changing baby is now a breeze.  I recommend a full consultation with San, especially if you’re a new mum seeking some semblance of sanity in your busy life.  Trust me, these seemingly small changes can make a great difference!”
–  Hospital Administrator, mother to baby A

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