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Preparing for smoother milk production with proper breast care

By Published On: September 7th, 2013

Many mothers aspire to look as beautiful as they were (if not more!) before their pregnancy.  This is not easy because women experience significant changes to their bodies during pregnancy that require careful management to preserve the delicate hormonal balance.  The accompanying problems can differ from one person to the next, and it is thus essential to tailor prenatal and postnatal care based on the individual’s hormonal history, age, and physique.  Especially for 1st time mothers and mothers-to-be, we would like to share on a few simple, effective methods to address three major pregnancy concerns: bust care for breastfeeding. 

Bust Care for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a time-honored practice that cultivates stronger bonding between mother and child.  Breastfed babies have stronger immunity, lower risk of infection, and possibly higher cognitive development.  Breastfeeding mothers also benefit from a reduced risk in breast cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease with lactation.

During the early stage of pregnancy, mothers may experience some discomfort on their breasts.  The breastfeeding hormone, prolactin, increases during pregnancy to stimulate breast development and milk formation.  The milk ducts start to enlarge to increase the blood flow; this has the effect of enlarging breasts and causing breast tenderness.  The breast may even go up to a cup size or two bigger!  Therefore, a good, supportive and slightly bigger bra should be worn during this period to reduce discomfort and allow room for breast size growth.

At the same time, because of natural enlargement of the breasts during pregnancy, the skin may feel itchy.  Special care must be given to reduce the appearance of stretch marks especially on the side of the breasts.  The use of specific bust care cream to massage on the breast for 2 to 3 min daily would improve the blood flow of the milk ducts and prevent the formation of unsightly stretch marks on the breasts.  Nut Butter Cream (by the brand INSTITUTE, available at Annabelle) contains walnut extracts, coneflower and hops extracts, avocado oil and shea butter, is a highly concentrated emulsion based on anti-relaxing active principles, keeps the skin on the breasts, neck and décolleté tone and elastic.  It effectively counteracts the discomfort caused by stretching of skin tissue during pregnancy and changes in weight.

Bearing children at a later age raises various health risks and complications, including difficulty in producing milk. To prepare the breasts for smoother milk production, it is vital to decongest the mammary gland.  A blocked milk duct can happen due to poor emptying of breast, causing red and tender skin.  At Annabelle, Lymphatic Drainage Bust Treatment is uniquely employed and works by improving lymph and blood circulation to enhance breast health and ensure smoother breastfeeding (thus reducing pain).  It is especially beneficial for mothers having their babies for the first time in their early or mid-thirties.  This treatment comes with skin elasticizing ampoules and firming mask, it also helps to prevent stretch marks formation and breast sagging after pregnancy.

There are several phyto-estrogenic herbs that have been traditionally used to boost milk production in mothers: blessed thistle, fenugreek and fennel.  They can be taken orally in the form of supplements.  Alternatively, oatmeal, which is more readily available, is recommended for nursing mothers.

Despite the benefits for mothers and their newborns, many women find their breasts becoming sagging and smaller after breastfeeding.  Having a Post-Natal Bust Treatment helps mothers to re-build the elasticity and tone on their breasts, thus maintaining busts in a perky and firm condition after breastfeeding. Unlike surgical procedures that are costly and complicated, Annabelle uses a safer method to achieve a natural effect.  By using Biovisage, a patented beauty equipment from Biogenie France, together with natural plant extracts with Royal Jelly concentrates, this is one of the most pampering and effective bust treatments available in the beauty industry.  The non-invasive Cellular Current of Biovisage immediately tones and lifts up the sagging breasts in comfort, it also replenishes the nutrients on the breasts and décolleté, thus minimizing the appearance of lines on the décolleté, and restoring the shape of our natural bra, i.e. our breasts.

Stay tuned to future articles on stretch marks and slimming.

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