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The Dermatology Series: Facial Rejuvenation. Series 7 of 7

By Published On: February 20th, 2013

Facial Rejuvenation For The Tired Mother

Amidst the running around during the day with work, children and housework, and not to mention the sleepless nights, it is hard to maintain a youthful glow and appear fresh daily. The skin can appear dull, the scalp oily, hair lifeless, and  under eye ‘bags’ can be a bane!

As hard as it may be to find some alone time for the new mummy, it is important to carve out time for relaxation and pampering.

A session of EXILISTM Radiofrequency to around the eyes and face will tighten the skin and prep up the appearance, not to mention being extremely relaxing!

Hydrafacial MD can help remove all the dull surface skin cells, clean the pores and infuse hydrating antioxidants to give the skin a much needed ‘glow’. Similarly, IPL, laser face toning and chemical peels will help improve skin radiance and lighten blemishes at the same time.

If wrinkles start creeping in , or if the skin looks tired and skin starts to sag, Botox and injections of hyaluronic acid fillers can counteract these signs of aging. Some of the results can be seen almost immediately.