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All Natural Skin Care for Yogis (And Mummies)

By Published On: October 9th, 2014
Natural skin care woman

We know how important it is to moisturise our skin, but how many of us take the trouble to read through the ingredients on our skincare products packaging and have that awareness as to the ingredients that should or should not appear there? These were our thoughts before meeting Elaine Lim, founder of homegrown holistic wellness company Anahata Living which sells a range of all-natural skincare products formulated especially for yogis. Elaine explained that it was the lack of affordable natural skincare products in the market which motivated her to leave her job in finance to start up her business.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and (by some estimates) has an absorption rate of up to 60 percent. It therefore makes sense that we should take care as to what we apply on our skin. The brand’s products are handmade from scratch and consist of 100 per cent simple natural ingredients, meaning that there are no parabens, chemical binders or other nastiesdesigned to cut manufacturing costs. Inspired by ancient Balinese healing traditions, the product ingredients are also sourced locally in Bali where possible. Often, so-called ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ skincare products are priced extremely high and are relatively unaffordable as compared to regular skincare products on the market; however, Elaine’s products are priced rather reasonably in comparison in keeping with the brand’s ethos. Moreover, as her business supports small-scale farmers in Bali who simply do not have the money to obtain the relevant organic certifications, product ingredients are mostly organic in origin but just have not been labelled as such. The brand’s philosophy is to encourage consumers to adopt a healthy and natural lifestyle, but not at a price that will break the bank.

The most popular scents in the range are luscious lavender (soothing and calming) and lovely lemongrass (zesty and refreshing). There is a range of body mists ($10 – 60 ml), lip balms ($7 – 5g), bug sprays ($10 – 60ml) and mat sprays ($7.50 – 60ml). You will be able to purchase Anahata Living‘s products at Touch the Toes exclusively.

Photo credit: Alignyo