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Pregnancy Week 22 – Hairy Babies and Monster Feet!

By Published On: July 7th, 2013

This week baby is beginning to explore their little world a little more, while you may find yourself expanding in the least expected of ways..

Your Baby in Week 22 of Pregnancy

By week 22 Baby is now the size of a small doll, the kind you probably played with as a little girl pretending to be Mum. But this little doll is very much alive and can now perceive the difference between light and dark, even behind their closed eyelids. Baby’s hearing is also becoming even more acute every day and they can make out almost every sound you, and your body makes, as well as many of the sounds that can be heard around you.

Another thing that baby is beginning to develop is hair. It will be very sparse right now, and does not have any kind of pigment yet, so it appears to be completely white.

As their sense of touch continues to hone itself even further this week, Baby, who already has a decent grip, may begin reaching out to touch things around them, including their own faces. They may also give the umbilical cord a little tug, but don’t worry, it is far too tough for them to be able to do any harm!

Your Body in Week 22 of Pregnancy

Many Mums to Be are surprised to find at this point in their pregnancy that even if their feet do not appear to be visibly swollen, in the way that their ankles sometimes might, even their comfiest pair of shoes suddenly no longer fit.

Some of this can be attributed to a small amount of edema (swelling) but the biggest culprit is the hormone relaxin. Remember how we told you that it is beginning to relax the joints and ligaments in your pelvic area so that, when the time comes, Baby will fit through more easily? The problem is that relaxin does not discriminate and it will loosen all kinds of ligaments, even in your feet.

The result is often that the bones beneath the loosened foot ligament spread a little, and the result can be an increase of up to a whole shoe size. Some women find that the their feet return to normal after giving birth while for others the size increase is permanent.

At this point though going out and completely restocking your shoe closet is really not worth it, as you really do not know if the change is permanent or not. Instead, treat yourself to a couple of really nice new pairs in your new size and save a big shoe shopping spree for after Baby is born.

Possible New Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 22 of Pregnancy

There is nothing really new to be prepared for this week in this department, but some of the things you are beginning to (grudgingly) get used to may seem to get a little worse, especially indigestion and heartburn. The bigger Baby gets the more the uterus invades the abdominal cavity, and the result is that gastric fluids can end up being forced into the esophagus, resulting in that nasty burn.

One trick you can try to help decrease heartburn is to only drink liquids before and after meals, instead of with them. This is because too much liquid mixed with too much solid food at the same time can distend your belly and make heartburn even worse.

Tips for the Twenty Second Week of Pregnancy – Bathing Care

We all know that as convenient as showering is, sometimes there is nothing better than a nice soak in the bath, especially if you are exhausted Mum to Be who seems to have aches and pains all over. As odd as it might seem, offering you tips on something you have been doing since you were a baby yourself, there are actually some things a Mum to Be should keep in mind even when doing something a simple as taking a bath if you are expecting.

Therefore, before you step into the bath, keep the following in mind:

Exposure to very hot water is not a good idea when you are pregnant. If your bathwater is too hot, you get overheated and that, in turn, increases your heart rate, reducing blood flow to your baby, and potentially putting Baby under stress.

Long baths, even in tepid water, are not a good idea either, for the same reasons. Fifteen minutes is about as long as you should soak for, however tempting it may be to stay in for a little longer, because it just feels so good!

Avoid commercial bubble baths and soaps that contain artificial colors and perfumes. Pregnant women are far more susceptible to UTIs, something that the irritation from these substances can cause. Either invest in an an all natural bubble bath or opt for the same baby bubble bath that you were going to start buying for Baby in a few months anyway.

Treat Time for Dad

At this stage of pregnancy, Dads to be can start to feel more than a little stressed out and secretly, a little bit resentful. Most of the attention is on his partner, and despite the fact that he has been dealing with his wife’s mood swings, taking on more of the housework and has even become something of a chef, but no one seems to have really taken too much notice a lot of the time. Couple that with the anxiety that any Dad to Be feels at this point and times can be pretty tough for dad too right now.

That is why it is a nice idea if you encourage your spouse to take a little time, once in a while, for himself as well. Not a rowdy night at the bar with the boys perhaps but a chance to hang out and relax, just as you should as well. You will both be happier for it.