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Week 26 – Baby’s First (Not Very Exciting) Glimpse of Their World

By Published On: October 16th, 2013

Your Baby in Week 26 of Pregnancy

Baby will reach another milestone this week – so many firsts are coming up – as they begin to open their eyes for the very first time. The eyes have been fully formed for some time, but it is only now that Baby is beginning to test them out, although there is not an awful lot for them to see right now. But they can respond to what little they can see, as you might be be to demonstrate if you shine a torch right at your belly, as chances are you will get quite the disgruntled kick in response (so don’t do it too often!)

The iris is not yet fully formed, so if you were able to see them, Baby’s eye colour would be very pale right now, and certainly not the shade they will eventually be, as that is something that may not be set in stone until they have been out and about in the big wide world for several weeks.

Baby’s brain wave activity is now stepping up as well, and not only can they hear what you are saying but they can now respond in a very basic way, with an increase in pulse or activity in response to certain things.

As Baby is getting bigger they have less room to move around, so while they will certainly still kick there will be less of the somersaulting you may have become used to by now.

Your Body in Week 26 of Pregnancy

The only real physical changes you will notice in yourself this week is that you are getting even bigger and so is your belly button. Because by now your expanded uterus is at least two inches above your navel it is likely that your belly button looks like it is being stretched to the breaking point. Not to worry though, that will not happen and it will revert back to normal after Baby is born.

Possible New Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 26 of Pregnancy

For many Mums to Be, insomnia becomes a bit of annoyance from this week on and will begin to sap away some of that renewed energy you have had since the first trimester ended.

Pregnancy insomnia is caused by a number of factors. For starters Baby has no concept of time, so a the fact that it is 3am when they decide to give their rapidly developing kicking and punching skills a good workout is not something they are aware is inconvenient for you. Add to that the fact that the ‘run to the bathroom’ feeling is creeping back too and that your increased size can make it hard to get comfy and the fact that it is getting hard to stay asleep is no big surprise.

Obviously over the counter sleep aids are not an option for you, but you can fall back on that old standby from when you were a little kid, a nice glass of warm milk, or even a tasty hot chocolate, to help you fall asleep. There is more to the idea than just Granny’s wisdom. The amino acid L-tryptophan, which is plentiful in milk, helps your brain create more of a chemical called serotonin which helps you relax and feel a little more sleepy, whatever plans Baby may have for later on!

Tips for the Twenty Sixth Week of Your Pregnancy – Learn to Adapt to Your New Clumsy Self

Even a woman who was previously very dainty and well composed can, at times, have the grace of a baby elephant at this and later stages of their pregnancy at times, and we do not mean those clever trained elephants that you used to be able to see at the circus who could balance on things despite their bulk.

Your increased size is a big factor in all of this new awkwardness, as is the SPD discussed in Week 25. There is also the fact that it is very likely that those ever troublesome pregnancy hormones are affecting your eyesight a bit as well right now leading to temporarily blurred vision and/or very dry, itchy eyes. None of this is good for anyone’s balance and deportment!

This awkwardness often means that for safety’s sake it may be time to rethink some of your pregnancy workouts and exercise options. If you like to walk begin opting for a soft but smooth grassy trail over a hard pavement and if you work out indoors a non slip mat is a must if you are not dealing with a carpeted surface.

You should also be aware of the fact that all that relaxin can quite easily con you into feeling like you are far more flexible than you really are. For example, the more complex yoga poses that you once found challenging may now seem really easy but be cautious as it is easy to pull a muscle or even dislocate a joint because of this, and that is pain you simply so not need right now.

If you are looking for a form of exercise that is perfect for this situation than look no further than your local swimming pool. Swimming is a great form of exercise for anyone and all that buoyant water will protect you from causing yourself accidental damage very well.