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Dr Alex K. H. Ooi. Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

By Published On: January 23rd, 2013


Doctor Alex  Ooi DoctorPageDr Alex K. H. Ooi is a senior Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with over 30 years of medical experience. Dr Ooi prides himself in providing a holistic, experienced and professional service in a diagnostically well-equipped and pleasant environment to his patients. He currently runs his private practice, Alex Ooi Associates, at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Dr Ooi obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Singapore in 1975, and also went on to earn a Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1979.

Equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, Dr Ooi’s clinic provides in-house diagnostic services such as cancer screening, gynecological and full general health screening, colposcopy, hysteroscopy and 3D/4D ultrasound, including breast ultrasound.

In addition, the clinic, holds a day surgery operating room facility, providing in-house procedures under local and sedation anesthesia to treat a range of services such as menses problems, early cancer surgery, urine stress incontinence, minimal invasive slingplasty and laser therapy. While major surgeries are performed in Mount Elizabeth Hospital or other hospitals and ambulatory surgery centres of the patient’s choice.

In 2005, Dr Ooi established a suite of Gyne-Aesthetic services to his clinic, including the latest O2-jetpeel, lasers, natural supplements and office tumescent local anesthesia liposuction (TLS) / fat transfer (FT) for skin care, fat management, life-enhancing age-care and safe, effective body sculpting.

A visiting consultant to Fudan University in Shanghai and several hospitals in the region, Dr Ooi has also served on the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Medical Advisory Board and was appointed Chairman on the Minimal Access(keyhole) Surgery group which revamped the operating theatres and initiated educational activities in the field of surgery.

Apart from his practice in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr Ooi established Tumescent Liposuction and Autologous Fat Transfer services, which is a natural extension of his expertise in keyhole surgery. Dr Ooi is also approved by the Ministry of Health to provide services as a liposuction preceptor.


Questions & Answers!

Is there any medication to make my vomiting stop?
Medication to reduce yes but to stop completely unlikely. General measures such as change of environment (away from familiar smells) and vitamin B6 can help. Some medications may be prescribed if the vomiting is severe. Women with very severe symptoms leading to loss of weight, dehydration etc. during the pregnancy may require inpatient care.

Is it true dat fat ppl is hard to get pregnant??
In general, women who are overweight may experience irregular menstrual cycles – this is a reflection of the hormonal imbalances that occur from the fatty tissue. These irregularities of the menstrual cycle may also be due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). With these irregularities in the monthly cycles, it means that ovulation does not happen every month (i.e. some months there will be no egg released at all) hence conception will be more difficult that the average woman who has regular cycles. There are various means to go about achieving a regular menstrual cycle – this is the first step towards increasing the chances of pregnancy. Please consult a gynae to find out more about the various ways available. An ultrasound of the ovaries is usually also recommended to exclude the presence of PCOS.

Im pregnant in my 17wks now but i hav been bleeding on n off. I went to my gynae 3 times due to this n all are positive. At first i tot it was due to my hard stools but overtime i noticed even wif no strainin n soft stools, i still bleed. When I first went to gynae during my 1st trimester, I was given injection n a few days off for bed rest. For the 2nd was during my 12th wk n last was last wk. Scanned n baby was doing great. Heartbeat was fast. Placenta was not low. Cervix closed. But theres streaks of blood on my vagina. Scanned further n gynae noticed there is a tiny cut on the wall of the placenta. Tats mayb the cause of the bleeding. Was given medication n few days off for bed rest. Was told not to move ard too much n carry heavy things. But the problem is im still bleeding on n off currently. At times wif clots which can be scary. But there is no cramps at all. Wat shud i do now? Im really tired of gg back to my gynae n he will say the same thing, to hav bed rest.. N it really cost us a bomb after juz a simple scannin n checkin.. After all this bleeding, when shud I worry? Is there any food or drinks tat i shud avoid? Really hope i can get an advise frm experienced mummies out there. Better still if any nurses or doc can advise me.
Sounds like your gyne has given you good advice. The bleeding may continue for some time during this pregnancy. I would advise you to visit a gynae regularly or whenever you experience new symptoms during your pregnancy.

Is there any fertility vitamins for men n woman to eat in order to get conceive faster?
Indirectly, anti-oxidants and anti-stress measures will help. But there are no prescription drugs that will directly bring about quicker conception.

Hi, for a woman who missed her periods for 13 days long n after that the next day her menses come, what could have happen? Irregular periods? What should she eat to make her menses be regular again? Btw I heard having irregular menses r very difficult to get Pregnant, is it true?
Menstrual cycles vary and prolonged cycles can be normal. Delayed or non-ovulation (from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom for example) may be the cause – if the woman ovulates (produces eggs) very infrequently, there will certainly be difficulty achieving pregnancy. Regulating the menstrual cycle is the first step to getting pregnant – please consult a gynae for further advice.

Hello, have u heard of cervix checking on when we are ovulating? I have read up on a book tat cervix open means fertile n ovulation is around n if closed means infertile n not yet ovulation..I wonder is it true?
Yes, there are kits to test cervical secretions for ovulation. Cervical secretions typically change both in texture and amount depending on the ovulation cycle hence these kits are designed to tell the user if she is currently ovulating, hence “fertile”. Sexual intercourse during this “fertile” period increases the chances of conception and pregnancy.