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5 Winter Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

By Published On: December 23rd, 2015
Winter skin care for pregnant women

A pregnant woman does not normally live as it is for the other women who are not pregnant. You have to take extra caution to prevent diseases since the unborn child needs no exposure to drugs at such an early stage of life. Pregnancy is a blessing hence requires attention and care especially during the winter. Due to endless body changes, the skin is affected by acne, sun burns, and dryness during winter. Being pregnant does not call for irresponsibility, keep your head high and maintain your beauty despite your condition.

The following are 5 winter skin care tips for pregnant women

1. Moisturizing

Helps to prevent skin from more damage caused during the winter. Due to excess cold, the skin is prone to breakouts, and dryness hence needs to be treated early in advance. If you ignore treating your skin in time, it will generate wrinkles and acne. Apply daily makeup during the day and before you retire to bed ensure that you clean up your face with disinfectants. Apply moisturizer of your choice after the face dries up. The importance of moisturizing is that it helps to treat the skin and prevent further damage.

2. Pedicures

You will have to visit a beautician to perform it on your face. Pedicure helps to treat skin dryness as well as breakouts. The skin looks brighter and smooth indicating that there are no spots or dead cells left out. Use skin brightening creams that will help you maintain a brighter complexion after the skin has been treated. Take care of your beautiful skin since pregnancy will only last for a while and you will have to continue with your normal life. It does not necessarily mean that there is no beauty after pregnancy in fact it’s the high time to look stunning. This pedicure helps the skin from aging at a fast rate, let beauty be a priority in your life despite the condition.

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3. Gentle cleansing

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin since they will bruise and cause uneven skin tone. Gentle cleansing prevents spread of acne, and breakouts retaining a smooth skin during winter. Make use of the recommended makeup during winter to prevent your skin from more damage. The breakouts and dry skin are a source of dull complexion during winter. This makes it necessary for every pregnant woman to cleanse the skin with right detergents giving the skin a gentle feeling.

4. Exercise

Being a pregnant woman you might be wondering what kind of exercise is best for you. Consider walking, swimming, jogging in the first trimester and deep breathing. Jogging and walking, help the skin to excrete sweat hence opening the pores allowing dirt and infectious bacteria out of the body. It is not easy to sweat during winter hence making the skin get clogged with dirt. This leads to the formation of black and white heads.

5. Drink more water

Water is a solution to very many health problems. Make sure you have tale at least 2 liters of water in a day. They help to keep the skin hydrated hence preventing formation of wrinkles and dry skin during the winter.


Being pregnant should not prevent you from looking beautiful. It may be a hectic time trying to cope with mood swings and body changes but let then not take your overall attention. Always keep in mind that your skin is the largest part of the body helping people to define you through it.