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Site Sponsor Intro: The Dermatology Practice

By Published On: December 26th, 2012

The “Glow” has always been highly talked about during a mother’s pregnancy journey, especially during the second and the third trimester. It is considered their right of passage to have radiant skin during their term. However this is not always the case as mothers can experience too much of that  “glow”, resulting in oily skin or breakout of pimples and acne.  Adding fuel to the fire would be when mothers are busy taking care of their little ones, thus neglecting their skin and their general well being.

MyPregnancy.Sg has always been an advocate of product/services that is healthy, natural or holistic in nature, as we believe it will reap the best benefits for the mothers. Today we have the opportunity of welcoming another site sponsor who shares the same beliefs.

The Dermatology Practice offers services to the whole family: parents, elderly and even kids. They also have a wealth of experience in catering to pregnant women and mothers. Their founders, Dr Lynn Teo and Dr Lim Kar Seng, are extremely experienced and had been creating positive results in this field for more than a decade. More importantly, Dr Teo and Dr Lim, sharing the same beliefs, uses non-invasive methods for facial care (HydraFacial), slimming (Exilis) and many other services.

In the next few months, we will be exploring and explaining in greater detail on how dermatology can assist mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. Staying beautiful during pregnancy and quickly getting back your sexy figure is usually the top few wishes of every mother and we shall focus on providing such tips.

As an ending note, it is understandable that we experience symptoms such as acne, oily skin, etc during or after pregnancy. The last thing we should do is to self medicate according to old wives tales.. Always consult with the experts who can properly diagnose and treat accordingly.

In the meantime, check out our site sponsor’s website here. www.TheDermatologyPractice.com

Stay tuned mothers!