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Stretch Marks Care By Annabelle Skin. Part 2 of 3

By Published On: October 18th, 2013

Major Pregnancy Concerns: Stretch Marks

Many mothers aspire to look as beautiful as they were (if not more!) before their pregnancy.  This is not easy because women experience significant changes to their bodies during pregnancy that require careful management to preserve the delicate hormonal balance.  The accompanying problems can differ from one person to the next, and it is thus essential to tailor prenatal and postnatal care based on the individual’s hormonal history, age, and physique. In this 3 part article series, we will focus on a few simple, effective methods to address three major pregnancy concerns: bust care for breastfeeding, stretch marks and slimming.

Stretch Marks Care

Stretch marks and weight gain are common occurrences during pregnancy. Despite their ubiquity and the many commercial products and treatments spun into the market claiming to be the quick-fix, they require consistent and holistic care in order to fade into oblivion.

As the common saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and the good news is that effective prevention for stretch marks can be very simple and affordable.  The key to it is to constantly support the collagen content in the skin throughout your pregnancy.  You can do so by supplementing on zinc, vitamins A, C and E or consuming foods rich in them.  Zinc, known as the “Fountain of Youth” mineral, is critical to the production of collagen and also very helpful in repairing skin injury, and it helps to reduce the appearance of stretchmark.

While these vitamins are worthwhile, the amount that reaches the skin on oral ingestion is small. A protective cream with the right ingredients can be applied for prevention and repair.  Maracuja Butter Cream (by the brand INSTITUTE, available at Annabelle) contains all the above-mentioned vitamins plus various antioxidants and healing oils, providing nourishing action to prevent skin tearing, improve elasticity, and stimulate broken elastin fibers.  Annabelle’s Stretchmark Repair Treatment includes specially-selected vegetal extracts such as hops, centella asiatica and ginseng to repair damaged tissues and increase skin elasticity after pregnancy.  Moreover, Annabelle uses high-tech beauty equipment to stimulate the basal cell layer of the epidermis and ameliorate stretch marks. Combining various methods for synergy will produce quicker and better results.

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Annabelle Skin And Their Team Of Highly Trained Professionals

The professionals at Annabelle Studio understand just how expectant and new Mums feel and have spent the last 20 years helping them to look and feel better, boosting that all important self esteem and indulging them in the pampering that every Mum to Be and new Mums deserve.

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