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Spaghetti with butternut squash and pine nuts

By Published On: December 2nd, 2012

This recipe makes an easy vegetarian supper. Pine nuts are a fantastic source of vitamin E, and the squash contains lots of vitamin A.

Spaghetti with butternut squash and pine nuts


1 medium butternut squash, washed, halved lengthwise and seeds removed
40g rocket leaves
75g to 100g wholemeal spaghetti per person
75g pine nuts
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
black pepper
grated parmesan cheese, to serve


Place the squash in a microwave oven and cook on high (800W) for about 10 minutes until the flesh is soft. If your microwave has a lower wattage you’ll need to cook it for a bit longer.

Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti according to the instructions on the packet. Mix the rocket, garlic and olive oil together in a bowl.

Lightly toast the pine nuts until just browned. When the squash is cooked, scoop out the flesh with a spoon and mix into the rocket and garlic.

Drain the pasta and stir in the squash mixture, sprinkle over the toasted pine nuts and serve at once with grated parmesan.

For a variation on the recipe, your non-vegetarian friends might like a little chopped crispy bacon sprinkled on top.