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Top 5 Annoying Pregnancy Skin Issues

By Published On: January 21st, 2016
Applying creme to avoid annoying pregnancy skin issues

Pregnancy period is a stage in a woman’s life where there are a lot of body changes. During the first month of pregnancy, an expectant woman feels nauseous, lacks enough iron in the body and possibly allergic to certain smells. These are just the internal feelings of a woman, but there are more external changes. The most obvious physical changes are the broadening of the hips and growing of the lower parts of the belly. One of the most annoying changes is the changing of the skin reaction to the external environment. Do not get too stressed about it because only taking some precautions can help you make the physical changes less severe. The following are the annoying pregnancy skin issues and some precautions that you may need to take;

1. Very sensitive to new things

Under normal circumstance, our skins are sensitive to some substances or external changes but during pregnancy, the sensitivity increases. If you have been scrubbing your skin, hard I guess you should go easy on it because you may discover reddening after scrubbing. Your favorite perfumed lotion might be a foreign chemical causing irritation. This can help you understand why mothers always switch to more natural substances especially when they are pregnant. At this at this stage avoids strong exfoliating substances and instead use the soft cloth to scrub your skin. This will help you avoid the chances of chemicals being absorbed to the blood stream through the injuries.

2. Rashes outbreak

Of course, we had talked about the skin being itchy and scrubbing it can cause the occurrence of rashes. The occurrence of rashes on the foot and hands is sometimes a symptom of cholestasis that could lead to liver failures to the baby. There is another rash that occurs starting from the abdomen; this one does not have any effect on the baby apart from the discomfort that can cause to the mother. You may need skin brightening creams to help you remove the dark spots that might be left after skin rash heals.

3. Acne breakouts

During pregnancy there much more hormonal changes hence can result to the occurrence of acne. Unfortunately acne control chemicals are not recommended during pregnancy. Hence, you might need a doctor to advise you on what to use. Lactic acid and tea tree are the safest products for you to treat acne. Avoid squeezing the pimple; instead, cleanse it with a cleanser 2 times a day.

4. Itching and drying of the skin

If you happen to escape acne you might definitely not escape the drying of the skin but sometimes you can be lucky enough to escape both. Taking a lot of water and moisturizing your skin is the best thing you can do to overcome, it also beneficial for dull complexion. Warm oatmeal bath can help you reduce itchiness.

5. Appearance of stretch marks

This is something that you should expect due to the expansion of your stomach, broadening of the hips and increase in the size of other body parts. The best way to treat it is by simply moisturizing the affected parts.


The skin issues might be so annoying, but the best thing to do is to take the various precautions to be able to overcome them. You should never give up on them and let it make you ugly since they aren’t things that can be so involving when treating. It is only nine months that you will be required to apply the precautions religiously but after that, you can roll back to your normal life. Remember it isn’t a disease.