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Annabelle Skin: Taking great care of your skin and body since 1992

By Published On: July 23rd, 2013

Ladies go through a lot of changes both during and after their pregnancies, many of them related, of course, to their looks and their weight. All too often these Mum to Be’s concerns and dislike of their ‘new look’ are dismissed and diminished by those around them as a bit silly and vain, but in fact a number of research studies have demonstrated a strong and direct link between a lowered sense of self esteem and post natal depression, which means obviously that a woman’s unhappiness with her appearance during her pregnancy and after Baby is born is something that should be taken a little more seriously.

Pregnancy Side Effects That Can Be Avoided

Although there are many ‘side effects’ of pregnancy that cannot be avoided or changed, such as weight gain, swollen legs, changes in the complexion and all kinds of aches and pains, there are some wonderful treatments available that can help alleviate some of the misery, and lack of self esteem, these things cause during pregnancy and then help new Mums get back into great shape after Baby arrives.

Annabelle Skin And Their Team Of Highly Trained Professionals

The professionals at Annabelle Studio understand just how expectant and new Mums feel and have spent the last 20 years helping them to look and feel better, boosting that all important self esteem and indulging them in the pampering that every Mum to Be and new Mums deserve.

The Hong Kong location of Annabelle Studio opened up in 1992, with the Singapore location quickly following in 1994. Since then Annabelle Studio has specialized in beauty treatments for women of all ages, but is unique in its special focus in offering pampering services for expectant and new Mums. The fact that the commitment to client care is so important that all of the staff attend weekly re-training sessions to ensure that all of their skills stay sharp and up to date is very, very impressive as well. No wonder they were named a “Top 10 Spa to Visit” by a rather prestigious travel guide!

Treatments Available

At the moment we are happy to tell you that Annabelle is currently offering some very special promotional pricing on some of their most popular treatments that appeal to expectant and new Mums exclusively to My Pregnancy SG community members.

These include:

  • Lymphatic Drainage Bust Treatment u.p. 168
  • Post Natal Bust Treatment u.p. $168
  • Stretchmark Repair Treatment u.p. $168
  • Full Body Slimming u.p. $168


A little bit of pampering is not an indulgence, it’s a must for both Mums to be and new Mums. Give our friends at Annabelle a call or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/annabelleskin, mention My Pregnancy SG and then make an appointment to indulge yourself in the way you deserve!