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Site Sponsor Intro: Mums In Sync. Mummy Fat Loss Approach

By Published On: September 18th, 2013

At Mums In Sync, we believe that every mother has the right to live a fit, healthy and confident motherhood. Mothers today have multiple roles to play and numerous responsibilities to bear.  Amidst a busy schedule and lifestyle, it is imperative that mothers still maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We are neither bodybuilders nor professional athletes. We are not mad on diets, and neither are we fanatics on pumping iron.
We are just ordinary mothers who are adamant about living motherhood the fit, healthy and confident way.
Just so that we feel great about ourselves, and our families feel great about us!
Just so that we can inspire the next generation of healthy eaters and souls in our children.

At Mums In Sync, we are strong advocates of living the Fit Mummy Movement™ through good nutrition, appropriate workouts and balanced living. We have developed a system that all mothers can follow to achieve their goals.  Be it fat loss, getting into shape or just maintaining your health, the Mummy Fat Loss Approach™ is key to ensuring that you are able to reach what you had set out to achieve. We live by this system and we coach our clients using this system to maximize their precious time.

Why the Mummy Fat Loss Approach?

As simply put across by founder and head coach Kareen, the Mummy Fat Loss Approach™ is key to mummy woes that she relates very well to herself:

  1. No more getting misled by scams, advertisements  and marketing gimmicks!
  2. No more browsing through the shelves of fat-burning pills and contemplating which ones will work!
  3. Or rather, which ones do not kill!
  4. No more getting confused over weight loss tips from “gurus” and never understanding what truly works for my body!
  5. I am in complete control of my own body!

Join the Fit Mummy Movement !
Join us in the movement and lead your own transformation this instant!

  1. MFL Personal Coaching
  2. MFL Online Coaching
  3. Fit Mummy Workouts @ Amara Sanctuary Resort

Find out more about our programmes at http://mumsinsync.com/services/fit-mummy-workout/

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Empowering yourself with the right knowledge will set you up for success in the long haul! We would love to see you start leading your own transformation and encourage you to come join us at our Fit Mummy Workouts!

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